The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
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History of Babylon
The ancient city of Babylon as a rich and varied history, and the history has valuable lessons for us today. Located in modern day Iraq the once proud city is nothing but ruins. This city which had two of the world's 7 ancient wonders is quite a desolate place. To learn the history of Babylon we will turn to archeaology, historical records and the Bible for our information.

Children's Video on the History of Babylon
Click here to watch a children's video that contains the true history about Babylon and the infamous "Tower of Babel." The video is called "Foolish Builders" and it is shown on this website by permission.

We will be adding to this history section soon. Thank you for your patience, we plan to have many pictures as well.

  Babylon had quite a history, what about its future?

Here is an Amazing Fact

• Alexander the Great and Saddam Hussein tried to rebuild the ancient city of Babylon but were both stopped in their tracks.
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